Reservations for the 2023/2024 school year will start on Monday, August 7th. 

Due to limited availability, only one box can be booked per teacher for the school year. Reservations for multiple boxes are subject to be cancelled. If you would like to receive additional boxes, please email to inquire. 

Boxes are available to book with a delivery / start day of Mondays through Monday, May 6th, 2024. 

Boxes must be booked a week before the desired Monday delivery date. Please select the Monday you wish to have the box delivered, and the boxes available on that date will be displayed. There are some Mondays that are unavailable due to public and school holidays.

Collection of the box from your school will always be the second Friday after your delivery - all Museum in a Box rentals are for 12 days.

Boxes not packed with care or that are returned with damaged or missing objects are subject to a $25 maintenance fee. If it is determined that there should be a fee applied for repairs, the school will be invoiced and unallowed to reserve another box until the fee is satisfied.

Enjoy your Museum in a Box!

New Booking:
Mon May 27, 2024

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